DUE: Tuesday February 10th

You have a week to do this reading assignment and the Design Doc project - this is a longer reading/ writing assignment than usual so pace yourself accordingly…

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Stern, Eddo ,  “A Touch of Medieval: Narrative, Magic and Computer Technology in Massively Multiplayer Computer Role-Playing Games”

1) Explain the terms diegetic and extra diegetic as used in “A Touch of Medieval ..”).
2) Explain what is described as the central paradox of immersive narrative and computer technology.
3)  From your own game playing experience, describe specific examples of the following  narrative elements:  a sanctioned artifact, a technological artifact, a gameplayer artifact, In addition, describe an example of a metaphorically patched artifact.
4)  Following the example and cultural arguments made in “A Touch of Medieval ..” for the emergence of magical fantasy games as a dominant genre, locate what you consider to be a common narrative game structure (for instance: particular historical wars, science fiction, city planning, sports gaming, arm chair general, horror…) and make a cultural argument as to why you believe this particular genre has emerged as a dominant game genre or theme.
5) What do you think is the difficulty with designing a game that may be categorized as a “romance” game? This is a common genre found in film, theater, music and literature – why do believe games have not embraced this narrative structure?

Genre Busting Blue Sky Design Document + Presentation

DUE : In class Tuesday February 10th

Produce a 3-5  page Mini Design Document for a Computer game that is centered around a concept that we do not usually find in computer / video games. This document should include a general game description and diagrams/ explanations relating the gameplay mechanics, user interface and general look of the game. Check the links at the bottom of the page to get a sense of what a small design doc should contain.

1) Some examples that we have seen in recent games that would have fit into this category: Cooking mama - cooking game, Under the knife - surgery game, DDR - dancing game, Peacamaker - peace making RTS, Political Machine - elections )
2) Think of this as design document for a game you may actually want to make (maybe in the 157B class?)
3) If you are having trouble coming up with something, here are some devices that may help: Consider your design document as an computer game  adaptation of a Novel or a Short Story that you find inspiring, OR perhaps an adaptation of a personal real life event/situation that could be the subject of a autobiographical or documentary game, OR a game that deals with a controversial political/social/religious or an emotional situation.

1) Your design document in PDF format (3-5 pages including diagrams) posted to the class website on Feb 10
2) A 10 minute presentation of your design document- presented in class Feb 10th

Sample Design Document 1

Design Document outline
More info on Creating Design Docs 1
More info on Design Docs 2