Material World - Cristofer Bernabe-Sanchez


Proverb: “All That Glitters is Not Gold”

As a wealthy businessman/ businesswoman (represented by the tie game pieces), you strive to show off to your colleagues the result of your hard work. Over time, you purchase all of these luxurious items (designer bags, fancy cars and even a nice house). As the economy declines so does your want for those expensive things and you realize that all of the things you surrounded yourself with are not what you really need in life. My game helps represent the recession that our economy is in today. Nowadays, people are desperate to make/ keep their money. The rules make it so that the winner is the player that has the least amount of asset value.


Material World Rules

  • Each player begins on the same square (“Start”) and move clockwise.
  • Players take turns rolling a die and moving the number of spaces that is indicated by the die.
    • When a player lands on a space, they must take the card indicated by the picture.
    • Each item has a value printed on the card.


  • If a player lands on a + or – space, they must draw a card according to the space
    • + cards are those that add items to your assets, which is what you do not want.
    • These cards are to be used immediately.
      • Collecting items from other players
      • Your items doubling in value


    • – cards are those that take away items from your assets, which is what you want.
    • These cards can be held and used at anytime in the game to help you out.
      • Giving away your items to other players
      • Trading items with other players
      • Blocking others from taking your items
        • This card allows your assets to be blocked from being traded or taken if you have a small value
        • It must be placed back into the pile once used.


  • If a player lands on the same space as another player, they must take the cheapest item from that player’s assets.
  • The game ends when all of the items are cleared from the board.
  • If the game has just started and none of the players have any assets to trade/ give away/ double the value, then the player must hold that card until an item is collected.
  • The winner is the player that has the LEAST amount of asset value collected.