Assignment #2 (Sports Game)

Sports Game Score Results

It’s been a long time coming but I have finally been sufficiently motivated to monkey around with the spread sheet and total up the scores. The scores for the rest of the games are on their way

Download All Scores as a PDF here:

Comments on OLE!-the original mexican pingpong boxing

Comments on Originality

Close range basketball + physical abuse as an encouraged distraction
Never seen or heard of anything like it before.
I loved the originality of this game. Basically nothing to do with boxing whatsoever, but totally fun.
It was like a new take on some carnival games.
it wasnt only intuitive, but it incorporated so many space-age concepts [...]

Comments on comments on Baseball War - Cris Bernabe-Sanchez

Comments on Originality

War + Beer Pong
Pretty different than other games.
Inventive connection between card game and actual board game.
Derived from war, but the inclusion of the cups for tossing balls was a great inclusion of physical skill.
It was a new take on the card game, War.
it had everything…physical throwing, cards, baseball.

Comments on functional elements

Only complaint is [...]

Comments on Catch that Homer! (Luke Campbell)

Comments on Originality

I thought it was very unique but apparently it is very similar to Pachinko? I’ve never played that before.
Goes to say its based on pachinko. I think character profiles pulled it through. I think the change-zone mechanic has potential but ultimately didn’t make much of a difference.
Pretty unique.
For me, the step by step [...]

Comments on Dice Boxing

Comments on Originality

At its core, this game tests one’s ability to compare numbers quickly. Doesn’t sound too fancy but it kept me engaged. The gambling element posed by the super punch added an element I enjoyed (I really wanted to win on a super punch), also punching or blocking after only ONE dice had stopped [...]

Comments on Graffiti Soccer.

Comments on Originality

Unique use of foosball.
Foosball … really not much more if anything.
Kinda like a bad knockoff of foozball
The combination of foosball scoring plus moving the game bit down the dots was what made this original for me. The layout was well done though.
Unfortunately this is nearly exactly foozball.
Just a re-take on foosball.
the rolling a [...]

Comments on Hardly Soccer: An Equal Opportunity Women’s League

Comments on Originality

Some new things, some borrowed.
Very original way to play a board game.

Comments on functional elements

Laminate is cool … very minor, but I feel as if the game pieces could have used more heft.
The powerups didn’t make much sense the way they were designed. The kinda confused me for awhile. They looked like sticky [...]

Comments on I Breath Soccer

Comments on originality

Well, I wouldn’t have though of that.
I gotta give it to you, the idea of blowing the ball around is fun and unique.
Pretty new.
Definitely a physically challenging game, and new to me because of the blowing factor of course.
Breathing war to move ball = stroke of genious
I never would have thought in creating [...]

Comments on King’s Boxing

Comments on Originality

Brilliant and addicting.
The game used a deck of cards, which took away from the originality, but the rules and use of the cards made the game somewhat interesting. 
I’ve seen card games like it, but they’re always fun and its fairly hard to say a card game is derivative.
Very original card game.
kind of similar [...]

Comments on Magnetic Baseball (Navin Rizwi)

Genral Comments

bomb shwangitty.