Assignment #1 (Homebrew Game)


Homebrew Games – GHOST
Ghost is a word game that my family would always play on long car rides to our cabin and is a verbal game that is played between three or more players in a round fashion.
To begin the game, one player says a letter out loud. The person to their right, then follow [...]

Jumping Game

I had a pool with a diving board when I was growing up and one summer we had alot of people over and I discovered we could use the pool noodles we had to create a pretty cool jumping game.
First we attach the pool noodles together using these nifty little connector pieces we had.
Then two [...]


Monica H - Harvancik Punch Bug

punch- buggy

the ultimate car
Usual Rules:

- punch the person next to you every time you see a Volkswagen beetle.
- the puncher must yell the color
- one punch per car seen

EXTREME HARVANCIK RULES: Same generic rules as regular punch buggy..

- You punch everytime you see a [...]

“Фанты” (Fanty) - The Game of Fants (Gleb Denisov)

This is a popular Russian game (although judging by the name origins may likely be elsewhere). The name of the game comes from the word Фант (Fant, which supposedly comes from German language) that means “a token”. 
The game consists of two parts:
This part consists of selecting tokens and a short word game.
1. Select one person to be the “leader”.
2. [...]

Clapping Game that Makes No Sense!

Untitled children’s clapping sport.
Two players stand face to face and make an impromptu  clapping pattern based on the following chant:
“Mailman, mailman
do your duty.
Here comes a lady with a big fat booty.
She can do the pom-poms, she can do the splits, I bet you $5 she can’t do this:”

From there, each player will slide the toes [...]

Homebrew Game-Fireball-Max Chang

While the reach of this specific game is to my knowledge, limited to the general geographic area I grew up in, it reflects a universal tenet of life for elementary school kids growing up in the late nineties; pretending to shoot
fireballs out of your hands like in “Dragonball” was awesome.

I remember well many mediocre attempts [...]

HOT DOG! (Derek Heath)

Hot Dog was a card game that my cousins and I invented and played when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I was just recently reminded of it while trying to think of games from my past, and realize now the possible potential for complexity and strategizing more than when we invented it. [...]

Baseball War (Cris Bernabe-Sanchez)

Baseball War Rules:

Everyone should be familiar with the household card came War where two or more players go head to head, flashing 1 card at a time and whoever has the higher card gets to take the other player(s) card that was just shown. This childhood game that my friend and I made up [...]

Sucka Slap

Sucka Slap
- Requires two players minimum.

- Players must determine who slaps first, either through coin toss or rock, paper, scissors.
- Player receiving slaps must (fig. 1):
o Stand up straight
o Arms crossed
o Palms facing out towards the left and right
o Back of hands must rest against opposing cheek (back of right hand against left cheek, [...]