Assignment #8 (Awsome Final Game)

The Blowing Game (Interface)

The project was going to be an Awesome Final Game, but I’ve got an Awesome Final Toy!

Break The Targets

Break the Targets is a competive action shooting game in which you are given a blaster–target breaker, nerf gun–and tasked with hitting all six targets on the board before the timelimit runs out.
Load your gun.
Take aim.
You have One Minute to hit all the targets before the timer runs out.
The game utilizes 6 light sensors, 2 [...]

Break the Targets!

Laser Cutter Diagram

Progress Photos

(Derek Heath & Garret Verstegen) Quick Stick 2.0

For Quick Stick round two, Garret and I decided to really take advantage of the fact that we had electronics and the fabulous laser cutter at our disposal. We also wanted to expand upon what we thought was a fun, original basis for further game design. This version of Quick Stick is almost entirely mechanical. [...]

“Only Room for One” (updated for final)

For an  electrical function, I added a turn keeper for my katamari magnet game ( In  addition, I added in colour to all the cards.
I used Eddo’s turn keeper code as the basis for what I did. My major modifications for the circuit diagram came in the form of using transistors to allow the arduino [...]

Final Light/Maze Game (Navin Rizwi)


#define LED1 9   // the pin for the LED
#define LED2 10
#define LED3 11   // the pin for the LED
#define LED4 12
#define LED5 13
#define BUTTON1 14
#define BUTTON2 15
#define BUTTON3 16
#define BUTTON4 17
#define BUTTON5 18
// the input pin where the
// pushbutton is connected
int val1 = 0;     // val will be used to store the state
int val2 = [...]

Heres some pictures of the last day of class

Watch Out… Again, Sticky Katamari!

1. Circuit Diagram

2. Description and Game Rules

“Watch Out, Sticky Katamari!”
You and your partner have been put in charge by the prince to search together and find the right pieces in order to increase the size of your sticky Katamari before the other team does! Pay close attention and play carefully - not only do you [...]


A video game that’s projected onto video game controllers !>1… The game introduces a “call and response mechanic” so that special phrases (if completed with accuracy) are “volleyed” to one’s opponent … if of course I had completed my second set of drums.

It definitely seemed as if Eddo was wary of me sticking too closely [...]

woowooo! final game- “the holland game”

this toy is to give simple yet satisfying fun to the young children of the upper european countries- mainly holland. the gameboard is an enclosed flat field with platform and a ball that rolls under a sheet of clear acrylic. the point is to get the ball to the top platform. once the giggling child [...]