Assignment #6 (Cool Board Game Electronic Gadgets)

“King’s Boxing” Turn Indicator

King’s Boxing was a cool game but I felt like it was lacking in that it never had a way to determine who went first.  This little handy dandy all inclusive box solves that problem by randomly picking a player to go first. Simply place the box between you short sides facing each other, press [...]

Turn indicatress…

I followed the electric schematic exactly but the gadget did not function! Turns out the pin numbering was mixed up in the schematic. Eddo fixed the code during a one on one “de-buggering” session.
I’m going to intergrate this nicely into my final project.

Turn Indicator

byte Button = 12;
byte Player1_LED_PIN = 2; // the number of the input pin
byte Player2_LED_PIN = 3; // the number of the input pin
byte Player3_LED_PIN = 4; // the number of [...]

Baseball War Ball,Strike,Out Counter

1. Intent: To have an electronic counter of balls, strikes and outs
2. Description of Program Structure: One button controls 3 LEDs for strikes, one button controls 4 LEDs for balls, one button controls 3 LEDs for outs. When the three LEDs for strikes light up, then an LED for an out comes up. When 4 [...]

“Watch Out, Sticky Katamari!” Game Turn Keeper

1. Statement of Intent
Game Turn Keeper for 2 teams during the game, “Watch Out, Sticky Katamari!”
2. Program Structure
The program is intended to be a very simple push-button turn keeper. The two LED’s have two different blinking colors and each color (blue and green) represents a different team. When a team’s LED is turned on and [...]

Suck Eggs Timer

suck eggs timer
1. Statement of intent of what the purpose of your device is
Upon playing Suck Eggs! with the class and friends, the noticible factor hanging up gameplay was the time limit placed upon the players. With the addition of an automatic timer, the players are forced to find questions within that timespan.
2. English description [...]

Timer for Magnetic Baseball (Navin Rizwi)

This is a timer for my magnetic baseball game, so that each user has a set amount of time (15 minutes) to make as many homeruns as they can.

Arduino, breadboard, USB cable, 2 LEDs, 1 resistor, 1 button, jumper wire
int ledPin = 3;                           // the pin for the LED
int [...]

Dice Boxing (electronic)

The purpose of the device is to create surefire method of deciding who “punched” or “blocked” first while Dice Boxing. When one player presses their action button, the other player’s button is disabled.
Code has two separate LED’s, each with its own input and output. Each LED is connected to their respective buttons; however when one [...]

KATAMARI Redux (Derek Heath)

Beam Me Up Katamari
A “warp” indicator. Players yell “warp!” and hit the warp button when the prince lands on one of their warp squares, and a light in the next board lights up, indicating where the prince should move to next.
Parts Added:
- Wooden box, arduino, breadboard, button, wires, 3 colored LED’s, 1 pull up resistor
byte [...]

Electronic game mod. ROBOPOWERPUNCH

The purpose of my device is to create a punch counter that could be directly integrated into the previously existing rockemsockem Robot platform, and will visually display the current status of the punch combo and compellingly with audio and visual confirmation tell the player when a 5 hit combo is reached.
The program starts by [...]