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This is owesome! In case you don’t know

Shared Web Hosting

I’ve been using InspiroHost to host my portfolio and other design projects for the past year.
Their servers are extremely fast and reliable. Support is 24/7 and usually I get a responseĀ in under 20 minutes. And they’re actually helpful, you know? Try it out guys, I would recommend them without hesitation.

They also have Blog Hosting, Online [...]

Balance Maze.

int lightPin = 0;
int ledPin=7;
int counter = 100 ;
int timelimit = 10;
int bam = 12;
int val = 0;
void setup() {
void loop() {
analogWrite(ledPin, analogRead(lightPin)/4);
val = analogRead(lightPin);
if [...]

Turn Indicator

byte Button = 12;
byte Player1_LED_PIN = 2; // the number of the input pin
byte Player2_LED_PIN = 3; // the number of the input pin
byte Player3_LED_PIN = 4; // the number of [...]

breadboard game addition

game: loose lips sink ships
addition: a visual led timer
Statement of intent- I wanted to add a timer to the game because that seemed to be the only major thing missing. there are 4 leds- three red, and one white. every 45 seconds one of leds goes off and once the white one goes ffn its [...]

Wooden Binary Adding Machine

This machine adds numbers, just like a calculator, but is made of simple wood parts (with some great craftsmanship)! When it gets to the part when he adds a lot of numbers at once, it looks very cool!
Read more about it and how it works on this page.
Also checkout other wooden projects the creator has [...]

Mario Board Game

This is a post I spotted on one of the websites I frequent.
I thought it was appropriate to share with the class. Very cool product design in the form of Papercraft.

Free Electronic Samples !

“Did you know that some manufactures and suppliers will give away some free samples of their produces to customers and engineers to test them on their projects?”