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Electronic game mod. ROBOPOWERPUNCH

The purpose of my device is to create a punch counter that could be directly integrated into the previously existing rockemsockem Robot platform, and will visually display the current status of the punch combo and compellingly with audio and visual confirmation tell the player when a 5 hit combo is reached.
The program starts by [...]

Game design proposal-WRITE

WRITE-max chang

A Little Bit of Knowledge…

My game is based on the proverb “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  I feel that this saying and its essennce, that “knowing little bits of of trivia in subjects can sometimes get you in more trouble than knowing nothing at all” comes into play more and more as Wikipedia becomes a [...]

We could all learn a lot about games from Steve

which is more fun? playing games or watching inebriated japanese guys annotate them?

Wad You Up Into My Life

Constitutive rules of “Katamari Damacy”
(for a “standard” non-special level)
By employing the game’s modified interpretation of physical laws, you must increase the mass of your katamari by rolling objects of lesser mass and size of your character, while avoiding more massive objects
You are contrained by time limits.
Your acess to the game world is limited by your [...]

Throw Down- Max Chang

Throw Down
In “Throw Down” you assume the role of an aging mechanical prizefighter nearing the end of functional career. With a loving robot family to feed and pressure from the local robot mafia, do you throw the fight, or do you throw down?
Inspired by movies such as “Snatch” and “Pulp Fiction,” this game attempts [...]

Homebrew Game-Fireball-Max Chang

While the reach of this specific game is to my knowledge, limited to the general geographic area I grew up in, it reflects a universal tenet of life for elementary school kids growing up in the late nineties; pretending to shoot
fireballs out of your hands like in “Dragonball” was awesome.

I remember well many mediocre attempts [...]