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A video game that’s projected onto video game controllers !>1… The game introduces a “call and response mechanic” so that special phrases (if completed with accuracy) are “volleyed” to one’s opponent … if of course I had completed my second set of drums.

It definitely seemed as if Eddo was wary of me sticking too closely [...]

Unsightly Katamari

Conflict Structure 4: Competitive Multiplayer vs. “Computer” or “Game Master”
Play takes place on an 8 x 8 grid. Objects to be “rolled up” are represented by cups. Larger objects are represented by stacks of cups. There are three players and one “game master.” Each player has their own stack of cup upon which their player [...]

Strike Zone!~

In this game, you throw bean bags at circles on a grid. The circles are cut from the grid. They will pop out if you hit them. The front of the grid looks like this:

Back side of the grid looks like this. The position of each piece changes from inning to inning.

How to play:
1. Flip [...]

“Ambient” Game w/ Drooling Penalty

This home-brew game falls into the “ambient” category … where lesser games like “shotgun” or “punch buggy” also live. It has no name. There are three moves:

Accompanied by the waving of hands, as if I were imitating a butterfly.

Accompanied by the thrusting of palms, as if trying to create a breeze.

The object of the game [...]