BULLSEYE! by Cris & Brian

Shoot a laser into the photo resister and make the ball spin out of the cup.
int ledPin = 9;
int val;
int THRESHOLD = 30;
int PHOTO = 0;
void setup () {
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
val = analogRead(PHOTO);
if (val < THRESHOLD) {
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);
else {
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);

Baseball War Ball,Strike,Out Counter

1. Intent: To have an electronic counter of balls, strikes and outs
2. Description of Program Structure: One button controls 3 LEDs for strikes, one button controls 4 LEDs for balls, one button controls 3 LEDs for outs. When the three LEDs for strikes light up, then an LED for an out comes up. When 4 [...]

What’s the Skinny? - Cristofer Bernabe-Sanchez

What’s the Skinny pdf
What’s The Skinny?
Short Description
In the year 2800, obesity has become a very BIG problem (no pun intended). You play as a former scientist that used to work for the government and was just released from a mental institute for believing that overweight people were causing the world to shrink. It’s your duty [...]

Material World - Cristofer Bernabe-Sanchez

Proverb: “All That Glitters is Not Gold”
As a wealthy businessman/ businesswoman (represented by the tie game pieces), you strive to show off to your colleagues the result of your hard work. Over time, you purchase all of these luxurious items (designer bags, fancy cars and even a nice house). As the economy declines so does [...]

Katamari on Cloud 9- Cristofer Bernabe-Sanchez

-Each player has a panel

-Each player rolls to see who goes first
-The player with the lowest number is the black character and rolls last
-Each player takes turns rolling the die
-every time a player lands on an item (indicated by the red square) then they receive a pin to add to their panel.

-in order for a [...]

Baseball War (Sports Game) - Cris Bernabe-Sanchez

2-4 Players
1 Deck of cards
4 game pieces
5 cups
1 Ball/ Strike Counter

A player deals out the cards evenly. Whichever player or team has the Ace of Spades “bats” first and is considered the Away team on the scoreboard. The other player or team “pitches” first and is considered the Home team on the [...]

Baseball War (Cris Bernabe-Sanchez)

Baseball War Rules:

Everyone should be familiar with the household card came War where two or more players go head to head, flashing 1 card at a time and whoever has the higher card gets to take the other player(s) card that was just shown. This childhood game that my friend and I made up [...]