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Magnetic Racing game

Final Project Rersources and Tips

Here is a grab bag of info to help with your final projects:
Lasercutter scheduling:
Refer to the lab calendar in another post and book times for your laser cutting - I suggest doing this asap - we will have a schedule up on the lasercutting room wall for tomorrow.
Materials you can cut:
I asked frank [...]

Thursday (Tomorrow): All Electronics field trip-meet at the store at 1:00pm!

We are meeting at 1:00pm at All Electronics - its about 15 mins from UCLA - we will then head back to class at about 2:00 pm
We want to move ahead fast beyond LEDs and Buttons to the fun kinetic electromechanical stuff (Motors, Solenoids, Fans, servos) - so do the Homework exercises !

14928 Oxnard Street
Van [...]

Electronic Components for AI - Use for drawing circuit diagrams and reference

Illustrator symbols:
these will show up in your symbols tab
here is a refrence for many many electroni component symbols:

Lab Hours (From Frank)

Frank Says:
“A few students were asking for the link to check the Google Calendar hours and I realized I forgot to send it to you guys. Can you make this info available on the class website?”

Turn Indicator Circuit + Code

Circuit Diagram

This is a turn indicator gadget for a 4 player game:
To build a breadboard version of this gadget in class you will need:

Arduino + power + cable
Breadboard + jumper wire
1 Buzzer
1 three position switch
4 pushbuttons
6 pullup resistors

To build a mounted version of this you will need:

22 [...]

Timer Circuit + Code

Program code Zip file can downloaded here
This is a simple beeping timer with a warning pattern and a timer done pattern
To make this you will need these parts:

Arduino + power + USB cable
Breadboard + jumper wire
1 Buzzer
1 pushbutton
1 pullup resistor
the code found below

* Buzzing Timer
* eddo3ddo - w09 157A
* Simple [...]

proverb games playtesting photos - day 1

Comments on Comments: Write useful feedback

Do a minimum of 10 games but the more the better - I just entwred my comments on 10 games and it took about 50 minutes which is about the amount of time this should take per week.
Please take the time to post specific comments, some of you are posting comments that are [...]

Bring your Arduino+Electronics Kits to class - We are meeting in Room 2250 from now on

Here is the info for the arduino starter kit that will be using in class starting week 6 (in two weeks)
You need to order this asap as they keep getting backordered every few days (this is because they just introduced a new chip)
Ideally you want to have this in your hands by Feb 10th
also you [...]