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Break The Targets

Break the Targets is a competive action shooting game in which you are given a blaster–target breaker, nerf gun–and tasked with hitting all six targets on the board before the timelimit runs out.
Load your gun.
Take aim.
You have One Minute to hit all the targets before the timer runs out.
The game utilizes 6 light sensors, 2 [...]

“King’s Boxing” Turn Indicator

King’s Boxing was a cool game but I felt like it was lacking in that it never had a way to determine who went first.  This little handy dandy all inclusive box solves that problem by randomly picking a player to go first. Simply place the box between you short sides facing each other, press [...]

“Balance Ball” Gravity Game

1. Circuit Diagram (this will be replaced with an actual diagram soon)

2.) This game is a challenging race to the finish. The object is the game is use your hands to tilt the board such the ball bearing is guided safely to the finish. VERY IMPORTANT the ball may never fall into any of the [...]

There’s More to Life Than Beer and Skittles

For this project I chose the proverb: “There’s More to Life Than Beer and Skittles” I hadn’t heard of it before but it was on the list of proverbs and it tickled me.

I did some research online and the best explanation for this proverb I could find was that it was that it may have [...]

Collegiate Cold War

My game concept is called Collegiate Cold War.
Here is the design document. dallas_gameconcept.pdf
Rough sketch of game layout.

Race to the Moon (or 1000m)

It’s basically a racing game where you use dice to roll your team to victory. However, just like in katamari damacy,  not every roll will help you. Only if you roll the same roll as your partner will your team be propelled to victory.
Rules are as follows:
1. Each team picks a side.
2. Each of the four players [...]

King’s Boxing

Red King versus  Black King in a fast paced game of numbers and grabbing!
The Rules::
1. Separate the face cards from the deck. And place them in a pile to the side. This is the slug deck.
2.  Give one player a Red King the other a Black King.
3. Divide the remaining deck evenly and give each [...]

Jumping Game

I had a pool with a diving board when I was growing up and one summer we had alot of people over and I discovered we could use the pool noodles we had to create a pretty cool jumping game.
First we attach the pool noodles together using these nifty little connector pieces we had.
Then two [...]