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Final Light/Maze Game (Navin Rizwi)


#define LED1 9   // the pin for the LED
#define LED2 10
#define LED3 11   // the pin for the LED
#define LED4 12
#define LED5 13
#define BUTTON1 14
#define BUTTON2 15
#define BUTTON3 16
#define BUTTON4 17
#define BUTTON5 18
// the input pin where the
// pushbutton is connected
int val1 = 0;     // val will be used to store the state
int val2 = [...]

Electronic Maze game (Navin Rizwi)

The player has to navigate the ball to the end of the maze, where it drops into a little hole and blocks the light from the LDR in place, which then signals the LED to turn off.
Band saw, drill press, wood, wire cutters, soldering iron, heat gun, glue, clamps, various measuring tools.
Arduino, breadboard, LED, LDR, [...]

Shared Web Hosting

I’ve been using InspiroHost to host my portfolio and other design projects for the past year.
Their servers are extremely fast and reliable. Support is 24/7 and usually I get a response in under 20 minutes. And they’re actually helpful, you know? Try it out guys, I would recommend them without hesitation.

They also have Blog Hosting, Online [...]

Timer for Magnetic Baseball (Navin Rizwi)

This is a timer for my magnetic baseball game, so that each user has a set amount of time (15 minutes) to make as many homeruns as they can.

Arduino, breadboard, USB cable, 2 LEDs, 1 resistor, 1 button, jumper wire
int ledPin = 3;                           // the pin for the LED
int [...]

Survivor (Navin Rizwi)

Please see the game design document at:

Proverb Game — “It’s Better to Give than to Receive” (Navin)

“It is Better to Give than to Receive” — this game is true to its meaning. Give what you have to others, else face the consequences.
There is a competitive multiplayer vs. game master conflict structure and is played with an even number of players, most of which are standing facing each other (and not too [...]

Katamari Escape (Navin Rizwi)

The game is played on a hexagonal game board, with three smaller players against one more powerful player. The more powerful player starts out stacked with 3 magnetic tiles while the other three (smaller) players start out with one magnetic tile as a gamepiece.
The goal of the game is for the more powerful player to [...]

Magnetic Baseball (Navin Rizwi)

This is a game of magnetic baseball, similar to the real sport but with some fun differences. There are two teams with nine game pieces on each team. A die is tossed and the player with the higher number gets to decide whether to bat or to pitch first.
Individual Player Strengths:
Each side will draw nine [...]

Kabaddi (Navin)

This game is played on a divided court with two teams. A coin is tossed to determine who will go first. The team who wins the toss sends a ‘raider’ to the other side of the court, with the aim of touching a member of the other team and running back to the home side, [...]