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BULLSEYE! by Cris & Brian

Shoot a laser into the photo resister and make the ball spin out of the cup.

int ledPin = 9;
int val;
int THRESHOLD = 30;
int PHOTO = 0;
void setup () {
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
val = analogRead(PHOTO);
if (val < THRESHOLD) {
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);
else {
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);

Dice Boxing (electronic)

The purpose of the device is to create surefire method of deciding who “punched” or “blocked” first while Dice Boxing. When one player presses their action button, the other player’s button is disabled.
Code has two separate LED’s, each with its own input and output. Each LED is connected to their respective buttons; however when one [...]

MPC Fighter


Ain’t Nuttin’ Like Frontin’

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Ain’t Nuttin’ Like Frontin’
Proverb: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
6 to 8 players recommended
Objective: To eliminate the other team through strikes or discovering the “fronter” on your team first

Players divide into two teams [...]

Katamari Damacy: Global Crisis Edition

Katamari Damacy: Global Crisis Edition

Katamari objective: to impress the King of Cosmos with your giant katamari!
Militant objective: to destroy all katamari!

Getting Started:
- Militant player places two bases within the grid with at least one square on water and another on land (coast lines)
- Militant player then places one tank, plane, and boat unit [...]

Dice Boxing

Dice Boxing

Requirements: two players

Objective: to defeat opposing player through knock out

- Players sit or stand face to face with game board in between (numbers on knock out gauge should be legible to each respective player)
- Action pad is on opposite side of knock out gauge and should be equidistant to both [...]

Sucka Slap

Sucka Slap
- Requires two players minimum.

- Players must determine who slaps first, either through coin toss or rock, paper, scissors.
- Player receiving slaps must (fig. 1):
o Stand up straight
o Arms crossed
o Palms facing out towards the left and right
o Back of hands must rest against opposing cheek (back of right hand against left cheek, [...]

King of Kong 2 Trailer