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“Only Room for One” (updated for final)

For an  electrical function, I added a turn keeper for my katamari magnet game ( In  addition, I added in colour to all the cards.
I used Eddo’s turn keeper code as the basis for what I did. My major modifications for the circuit diagram came in the form of using transistors to allow the arduino [...]

Box generator

I haven’t used this yet but it seems to be good from people’s responses. It generates box designs (with the puzzle like edges) based on what you input. Hope someone can use it…

Turn indicatress…

I followed the electric schematic exactly but the gadget did not function! Turns out the pin numbering was mixed up in the schematic. Eddo fixed the code during a one on one “de-buggering” session.
I’m going to intergrate this nicely into my final project.

Luke Campbell & Andy Ngo - “Two buttons, one ball”

Achtung acthtung:
We made a toy, not a game.
In “Two buttons, one ball,” a single player will be able to test his/her button pushing reflexes. The player puts the ball on the downward ramp. At one small point, the ball will roll over the bull’s eye. It is only here that the player can press the [...]

Christian Game with Morals Proposal

Please click here to download PDF file

All That Glitters: a Game of Deception

Based on the proverb, “all that glitters is not gold.” The proverb warns against being fooled by things which may appear glamous/great/true but in fact is not authentic.
This game allows for the players to lie, perform, convince as well as to expose liars.
How to play:
Split into the following teams/individuals:
3-5 people in one group
1 performer
1 performer
1 [...]

pictures from katamari playtesting day 2

sorry theyre blueish -  love, monica.

Only Room for One

Preface: The universe is in chaos when a supernatural tornado rips through the dimensions. Earth is hit the hardest and some of its inhabitants and objects are transfered to an unknown planet. There, four characters from different worlds fight to make it back home. There is only room for one in the small vortex opening [...]

Hardly Soccer: An Equal Opportunity Women’s League

Hardly Soccer
Game pieces:
Two sets of five pawns (one pink team and one purple team)
Yellow square markers
One die
How to Play:
1. Determining who goes first: one player volunteers to go second
2. What to do: Take turns moving your pawn pieces one square at a time in any direction (except diagonal) to eventually land on a “KICK” square. [...]

Clapping Game that Makes No Sense!

Untitled children’s clapping sport.
Two players stand face to face and make an impromptu  clapping pattern based on the following chant:
“Mailman, mailman
do your duty.
Here comes a lady with a big fat booty.
She can do the pom-poms, she can do the splits, I bet you $5 she can’t do this:”

From there, each player will slide the toes [...]