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(Derek Heath & Garret Verstegen) Quick Stick 2.0

For Quick Stick round two, Garret and I decided to really take advantage of the fact that we had electronics and the fabulous laser cutter at our disposal. We also wanted to expand upon what we thought was a fun, original basis for further game design. This version of Quick Stick is almost entirely mechanical. [...]

(Derek Heath & Garret Verstegen) Arduino + Pachinko = This

In an attempt to use both gravity and light to create a simple playing field game, Garret and I decided to take a simple game format (Pachinko) and test our skills at building and programming by making a light sensitive Pachinko game. To play, the ball is dropped in the top of the board by [...]

KATAMARI Redux (Derek Heath)

Beam Me Up Katamari
A “warp” indicator. Players yell “warp!” and hit the warp button when the prince lands on one of their warp squares, and a light in the next board lights up, indicating where the prince should move to next.
Parts Added:
- Wooden box, arduino, breadboard, button, wires, 3 colored LED’s, 1 pull up resistor
byte [...]

The Animal Kingdom: Africa (Derek Heath)


if you can’t BEET them join them (derek heath)


If You Can’t Beet Them Join Them is a fast-paced game of switching allegiances for personal gain. As a player, you are a farmer on one of two competing farms who are hell-bent on selling more beets to the market than the other. However, being the greedy sneak [...]

Beam Me Up Katamari! (Derek Heath)

Beam Me Up Katamari


3 Players:
- 3 game boards
- 45 game pieces (3 sets of 1-15)
- 3 secret game board miniatures with places to mark down warp square locations

- Prince board
- 1 ball piece
- Ball level cards
- Secret Mission cards


- While prince is not looking, 3 players choose 15 pieces (1-15) and arrange [...]

Quick Stick (Derek Heath)

Quick Stick

Quick Stick is a tabletop game based on the sport of baseball which concentrates on the relationship between the pitcher and the batter. The form the game takes is inspired by the classic “stick dropping test” often used to judge how quick one’s reflexes are. Thus, much like baseball, in order to succeed [...]

How do I find out if my game is good? HERE’S HOW!

- Balance: luck & skill (1-5)
- Bonus, pizzaz, color, pyrotechnics, sparklies
- Space for personal expression (1-5)
- Replayability (1-5), Exciting
- How well crafted is the game?
o Physical design of game bits
o Functional design
- How well designed is the game visually?
o Visual design (aesthetics)
- Satisfying level of difficulty? (1-5)
- Balance – game complexity / rule complexity
- How [...]

HOT DOG! (Derek Heath)

Hot Dog was a card game that my cousins and I invented and played when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I was just recently reminded of it while trying to think of games from my past, and realize now the possible potential for complexity and strategizing more than when we invented it. [...]