Only Room for One

Preface: The universe is in chaos when a supernatural tornado rips through the dimensions. Earth is hit the hardest and some of its inhabitants and objects are transfered to an unknown planet. There, four characters from different worlds fight to make it back home. There is only room for one in the small vortex opening in the sky. In desperation, the four characters begin to stack whatever he/she can find to build a “katamari” ladder through the only opening.

Game pieces:
Game cards

Determining who goes first: The Urban Dweller is first and the rest go in a clockwise rotation. At the end of each game, the board rotates one player to the left.

How to play: Shuffle the deck of cards. Take turns to draw one card. There are two basic types of cards that you can draw:

Person/Animal/Object card -  If drawn, collect the number of magnets displayed by the number on the card. Place the magnets on your character’s vertical path on the board. Keep used cards in your own pile faced up so that your opponents know you picked the appropriate amount of magnets.

Action card - Each card performs a specific action. If you draw one, take another card from the pile until you get a normal person/animal/object card. Using one takes a turn. You cannot have more than two special cards at a time. If you draw an extra one, you can re-organize your hand but you ultimately can have only two. Extra cards go back into the pile. Also, don’t let your opponents see which action cards you have.

These are the variety of action cards. Once it is used, it must be discarded:

A Gift Card - you can use your turn to give this card to another player. He/she loses the number of magnets displayed on the card.

Shield - you can use this to protect you from an attack or a thieving minion.

Reflect - reflects a gift card attack to any another opponent of your choice (including the one who committed it). Also protects you from the thieving minion (but leaves other players open).

Thieving Minion - Steal one of your opponent’s used object/people/animal cards and transfer the applicable amount of magnets from their ladder to yours.

How to win: The first person to have his/her ladder reach the center of the vortex wins.

Andy Katamari 2Andy Katamari 1


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    Posted January 27, 2009 at 10:38 am | Permalink

    This game board looks fantastic!

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    Posted January 29, 2009 at 9:53 pm | Permalink

    hey hey,
    i was trying to explain to my friend tonight how funny some of the sayings were. what were some of them again?

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    Posted February 5, 2009 at 3:45 pm | Permalink

    Fat black lady - now with less attitude
    Vampire bat - he is going to suck
    deformed inverse mermaid - the better half?
    Blonde beauty queen - half a brain but still a winner
    nasty rat - infest your opponents with plague fleas