“Ambient” Game w/ Drooling Penalty

This home-brew game falls into the “ambient” category … where lesser games like “shotgun” or “punch buggy” also live. It has no name. There are three moves:



Accompanied by the waving of hands, as if I were imitating a butterfly.



Accompanied by the thrusting of palms, as if trying to create a breeze.



The object of the game is to get someone’s attention while performing the attack move. Hopefully when you say “Hey, whoever!” while doing the attack, whoever will turn around while performing the blank move. If they did, you “got” them.

If you “get” somebody, it means that that somebody has to talk to a girl while drool is coming out of their mouth.

More scenarios

  • Attack met with defend: Nullifies the attack, nobody loses.
  • Blank met with defend (fake-out): Defender loses.
  • Attack met with attack: Both attackers lose (must drool).