Strike Zone!~

In this game, you throw bean bags at circles on a grid. The circles are cut from the grid. They will pop out if you hit them. The front of the grid looks like this:


Back side of the grid looks like this. The position of each piece changes from inning to inning.


How to play:

1. Flip a coin to decide who “bats” first.
2. When an inning starts, the batter shuffles the position of game pieces on the grid. The image side should face the batter only. The position of the game pieces is a secret to the pitcher.
3. The pitcher throws a bag at the grid until he or she reveals all three “OUT!” pieces, at which point the inning is over and the players switch roles. Whoever has the most runs at the end of 9 innings wins.

What happens during an inning?

When the pitcher successfully “hits” a piece (knocks it from the grid), that piece is replaced face towards the pitcher.

If the pitcher hits a piece that is already facing him, the batter then places that piece back on the grid facing away from the pitcher. The batter is free to swap this piece’s position with that of any other on the grid. He may also choose to return it to its original position. Regardless, the new position of this piece is a secret to the pitcher.
The Pieces:


OUT! (x3) - Once all three of these are facing the pitcher then the inning is over.


Single (x3) - Works like a single in real baseball.


Double (x1) - Same deal.


Triple (x1) - And so on.


HOME RUN! (x1) - The first time you hit a home run piece nothing happens. It’s just turned towards the pitcher. If the pitcher hits this piece after it’s been revealed, THEN the batter has hit a home run.

If you miss …

If on a given throw, no pieces are knocked free (even if the pitcher makes contact with the board), the pitcher has thrown a ball. Four balls in an inning makes for a walk, at which point the ball count resets to zero.