There’s More to Life Than Beer and Skittles

For this project I chose the proverb: “There’s More to Life Than Beer and Skittles” I hadn’t heard of it before but it was on the list of proverbs and it tickled me.


I did some research online and the best explanation for this proverb I could find was that it was that it may have been coined by an American poet named Ogden Nash. I spent awhile pondering this phrase and eventually came to the conclusion that the proverb means there are greater things in life than simple pleasures like beer and skittles. In a jab at this I made my game similar to something you might find at a carnival the land of simple of pleasures.

The game consists of a package of skittles and six empty beer bottles standing up right on a table arranged closely together in pyramid shape. The closest row to the edge of the table has three rows. Then the next has two. And the farthest has only one. 

The object of the game is to, on your turn, get as many skittles as you can into the empty beer bottles. The closest three are worth 5 points each. Then the middle two are worth 1o points each. And finally the farthest one is worth 25.


1. At the start of the game players draw for turn order.

Purple goes first.

Red goes second.

Then Orange.

Then Green.

Then Yellow is last.

Players who draw the same color tie for that place, and draw again between themeselves to determine order.

2. On a player’s turn they draw ten skittles and make ten throws, overhand or underhand, at a minimum distance of 1 foot from the edge of the table.

3. A skittle in a bottle in the closest row is worth 5 points. The middle row is worth 10 points. And the farthest bottle is worth 25 points.

4. When each person has had their turn twice the game is over and the player with the highest score wins.

5. Skittles may be ingested at any time, provided it does not affect the gameplay.