Comments on A Little Bit of Knowledge (Max)

Comments on Originality

  1. nice idea -an internet treasure hunt with a twist
  2. The actual need for computers for game play was 100% unique and different….i doubt anyone else even thought of this.
  3. Very original use of modern equipment and popular culture.
  4. This was the first game that I have ever played that has to deal with searching through the web. It was fun.
  5. Never seen something like this before
  6. I’ve heard of wikipedia games like this before, but its always been kind of a mundane thing, not involving an active team like this.

Comments on functional elements

  1. nice cards
  2. a 3 means ‘not applicable’ in this case because the main tools, or game bits, were lab computers themselves. The info cards seemed fine however.
  3. All the game pieces functioned quite well together.
  4. the computers? they were nice.
  5. the unavaoidable setup of the computer lab
  6. Really only need one computer maybe?

Comments on Complexity

  1. lots of room for clever thinking - alot depends on the design of the starting positions and the end goal
  2. it seemed like it was just a matter of finding the right links that would lead to the right pieces of information….The one potential I saw for strategy was for the game master to relocate or ’sacrifice’ the most helpful player on the team..
  3. The ways in which the team could collaborate with each other was endless.
  4. none?
  5. Having to anticipate what will happen several moves in advance is actually very chessy. …chessish?             …chessesque?

Comments on Intuitiveness/complexity ratio

  1. A bit obfuscated and muddled - I wasn’t clear who gets kicked out and what can the game master know/do exactly
  2. It seemed like the game was rather complicated for the amount of ‘fun’ that was involved.
  3. A little complex, but was easy to learn after a play through.
  4. didn’t really understand the point

Comments on the Rules

  1. The rules really need a reworking to be more clear and simple
  2. They seemed clear…but too many of them, perhaps. Another one of those games that needed constant reminding of what the details within the rules were.
  3. The rules could have used some work, but for the most party, it worked well enough.
  4. didn’t really understand

Comments on the Visual Design

  1. nice cards
  2. The info cards were good!
  3. The game pieces were well designed.
  4. n/a

Comments on the adaptation of the proverb

  1. A bit of a stretch of the precise wisdom of the proverb but kudos for thinking out of the box and picking a complex proverb
  2. The game was only partially applicable to the proverb because there wasn’t enough sense of loss or danger when the team had to lose or sacrifice one of its members. Other than that, it was a good direction to steer in and the message of people today being too dependent on sources like wikipedia was an interesting one to explore.
  3. The game encompassed the proverb quite well.
  4. I also saw a proverb that said A LITTLE BIT OF KNOWLEDGE GOES A LONG WAY.
  5. I guess it works

General Comments

  1. I would like to try thing again for sure - especially after the rules were streamlined
  2. Computer screens = bad! I’d rather play outside or have more direct interaction with other fellow players.
  3. I would definitely play this game again, especially if the randomity of the topics and teams were somehow more balanced and diverse.
  4. It was fun playing this ’scavenger hunt-esque’ game.
  5. considering this is an online game, i woudl easily play it by myself at home on a friday night while i drink my lonliness away. it seemed really fun, but the setup of the computers caused the game to lose its full potential. other than that, the cards were magnifique.
  6. I thought that the team wikipedia searching idea was a great one. Probably better to have a few less computers though to really bring the team together. Or! Involve instant messenger somehow.