Comments on Ain’t Nuttin’ Like Frontin’ (Brian)

Comments on Originality

  1. reminded me a bit too much of Max’s boxing game
  2. Interesting although strange.
  3. Way different than anything else…the physical aspect of actually arm-wrestling against others was the biggest difference.
  4. Quite original
  5. Based off of arm wrestling but the deception variable as well as the team aspect set it pretty well apart.

Comments on functional elements

  1. a few tokens - not too much to do - maybe add a buzzer for the am wrestling part when you do electronics?
  2. There was a minimal need for game bits, which is good, and they worked fine. AS LONG AS THEY WERE DISTRIBUTED CORRECTLY!!
  3. They were okay
  4. not very functional, given that we messed up and got two of the traitor pieces on one side

Comments on Complexity

  1. cheat or not cheat - fake outs - I think rotating the battles would add complexity
  2. The only thing you could really do is act well if you were in fact the “fronter.”
  3. The bluffing part was maybe a bit hard to see work successfully, but this could definitely have been used as a main strategic point in the game.
  4. Not much strategy involved
  5. Not really any complexity to the strategy on the surface, but there are infinite psychological and physical methods you could use to trick people into thinking you’re not faking, faking, on their team, etc.

Comments on Intuitiveness/complexity ratio

  1. Game play was not too complicated at all. I would have liked to see this game carried out to the end…but overall it made sense.
  2. Easy to understand after a run

Comments on the Rules

  1. Very clear and straightforward.
  2. Rules became clear after playing once

Comments on the Visual Design

  1. not aplicable
  2. Smiley faces are cute.
  3. Simplistic, but that’s all that was needed! The smiley face cards worked well and the scoreboards were cute…
  4. Not much design involved
  5. Though there werent many game pieces, i thought that the board and the chips were really cleanly designed and were very precise in their simplicity. nice one.
  6. Not a very visual game to begin with, but the nasty smiley face was funny

Comments on the adaptation of the proverb

  1. simple proverb - simple game
  2. I suppose…
  3. I could see this game matching the proverb really well but unfortunately I don’t think it was played long enough to find out… The main idea stuck though - one player on each team was lying about what their actual role was!
  4. Works somewhat, I guess
  5. Pretty straight forward representation. Howeeeeeeeeever, the game is more about trying to judge the book by its cover even though its hard.

General Comments

  1. Fun but can get boring after a few rounds - yet arm wrestling is the one of the few opputunities we have for exercise in the class so yeah ):
  2. Eh, I’m too weak at arm wrestling (which is the core of this game).
  3. Innovative, but the arm wrestling part might drive people away from it!
  4. I like the fact that the game uses the physical aspect of gaming. You need to use your strength and good judgment to tell whether or not the person you are arm wrestling is faking or not.
  5. It’s a nice game, just not my thing.
  6. I really liked the intensity of the gameplay–the first game that really got the ol testosterone flowing. on the flipside i probably need to hit the gym before the next time i play…
  7. Seemed like a promising game, but we never really got to play