Comments on Be Still! Speak Smart (Eric Siu)

Comments on Originality

  1. a nice remix of 20 questions and Animal Vegetable Mineral with a twist
  2. Loved, loved it.
  3. Never seen a game that uses clues in such a memory based way.
  4. Completely new idea.

Comments on functional elements

  1. Suggestions: add a timer , add an icon on the back of the blue cards to indicate a power card or a talk card , add a sort of  card holder for each player to hold the cards they played in place in front of them
  2. Excellent, excellent!
  3. The rule that you have to whisper the description to another player should be changed to the player can ask the question openly and the person has to answer openly.
  4. Maybe label them on top so that the other players can see if it’s a function/tell card.

Comments on Complexity

  1. lots of room to develop tricks and clever questions
  2. Quite a lot actually…
  3. I can see becoming very good at being very vague could be a good application of strategy.
  4. If someone keeps getting function cards, there’s not much for the player to do. Esp because if we guess wrong we’re out of the game straight away so we can’t just keep guessing. For example, I got two function cards — both of which were Still Tongue, so I could only use them if someone asked me a question and I didnt want to answer — so I didnt really say much

Comments on Intuitiveness/complexity ratio

  1. One problem was the complexity of keeping track of the categories- they should have been printed more prominently somewhere on the cards, Asking questions with X words was unintuitive especially with high numbers like 6..whats the point of this rule? what does it add to teh game (which is already quite complex in a good way)
  2. It was good, had to keep referring back to the game rules to see what the cards meant though
  3. could simplified a little bit, like the counting letters aspect, or could be simplified by less players

Comments on the Rules

  1. A few rule suggestions: add more reward to taking a player out - such as get their power cards and/or draw 3 blue cards and keep the power cards you drew, add the power card “memory recall” to force the player to re answer their questions that they were asked, get rid of the use x words to describe something rule, when you take someone out - not only do you get their card s but you wipe clean all the clue cards on the table that were previously used
  2. Good rules but there should be a limit to the number of players as well as a time limit to answer/come up with the question.
  3. Pretty clear

Comments on the Visual Design

  1. nice cards - color and custom drawings  would have been even better
  2. You’re always very good at this.
  3. I can’t imagine the work that went into finding the pictures and typing up what looked like over 100 unique cards.
  4. Looks good

Comments on the adaptation of the proverb

  1. very good job of capturing the essence of the proverb(s)
  2. You got it.
  3. Captured the proverb’s meaning perfectly

General Comments

  1. This game is greater than the sum of its parts - it is very compelling and has some very nice touches like - swapping cards with the player who you took out, and the bullshit, steel tongue and twitchy ears cards added great color to the game keeping in the spirit of the proverb. Well done Eric! dont throw that game out yet:)
  2. I’m jealous.
  3. If this game had a few more possible “tell” cards gameplay might be made even more interesting. Also, I would say this game would be best played with fewer people than we started with. Trying to remember like 9 people’s clues was nearly impossible.
  4. I think that the game was very well put together and thought out. It did get a little bit chaotic when players start building their cards that describe their item because there were too many depending on the number of players.
  5. Love the game!
  6. Took a while for the game to pick up and the rules to become clear, but the game was really fun and the mechanic of witholding information by telling the truth was really fun