Comments on If you can’t BEET then join them (Derek)

Comments on Originality

  1. I would say this is probably the most original proverb game weve seen. loved the boss/workers idea Very well done Derek!
  2. Eh, much like a carnaval game for children.
  3. The combination of hand eye coordination and marketing and bosses and keeping track of scores on a sheet and trying to form the best team and competing in a farm economy was…unprecedented.
  4. It was had small elements here and there of certain carnival games, but overall it was quite new.
  5. it was RADISHally unique.

Comments on functional elements

  1. I had a little bit of a problem with the player score sheets (prone to cheating) but on the other hand the idea of getting paid by the boss was great
  2. Good job here. Coins and pots worked well.
  3. Everything seemed very functional.
  4. Everything worked well.
  5. I think that the farm bosses don’t really have a function except for keeping count of the sales…maybe they could do more.
  6. whats inevitable in a toss game is that the players have to pick up the pieces, which is kinda meh

Comments on Complexity

  1. This was a problem. The game needed some more complexity - especially for the farmers. Some ideas - add some “infestation” objects that either players or a boss can throw into the other teams production line to slow them down, Another suggestion - allow for individual players to take more risky shots which are worth more but can slow down a slow team if one player is not good at them, Another - allow the boss to “upgrade” the farm to speed up production by making players throw from farther …etc more rules to stimulate players to switch teams was needed
  2. Not quite sure… the class was fooling around too much.
  3. Apparently it seemed like there was a lot…but no one took the time (or would want to take the time) to get used to the complexities of the game and how to use them to one’s advantage.
  4. Depending on how and when you made your choices, it could ensure your win.
  5. It is a little complex with the bosses asking the other team to join their farm. I feel like the game is too fast paced for that aspect.

Comments on Intuitiveness/complexity ratio

  1. A lot of back and forth between game play and going over the rules. The game was complex enough that it needed many rules, but this didn’t necessarily justify whether it would be fun or not.
  2. It was a little complicated at first, but was easy to learn after a play through.
  3. it was cool, put a new spin on a simple game

Comments on the Rules

  1. They did their job…but too long maybe? Given there was a lot to cover.
  2. Rules were very clear and had no problem that I saw.
  3. considering the multiple levels of strategy for the farmers and owners, the rules were really streamlined and well designed

Comments on the Visual Design

  1. looked ok but - looks were not the strength of the game - it was in the innovative gameplay and player2player dynamics
  2. Very cute. I love the name.
  3. Very nice. Everything was carefully designed and matched the overall ‘farming’ aspect.
  4. Very nice designed game pieces.
  5. I like the plant pots.

Comments on the adaptation of the proverb

  1. Spot on - very very well done - touche on the “beet” pun as well
  2. Love the title pun.
  3. There was a slight twist on the proverb itself…which was GREAT! After that the entire thing made perfect sense.
  4. Perfectly captured the meaning of the proverb.
  5. the added aspect of switchign teams was tops
  6. Really good mechanic to go along with the proverb, but the round we played didnt involve a lot of switching or buying

General Comments

  1. This game was very compelling - even with its lack of complexity in its current state it is very close to total awsomeness with a few rule additions to encourage risk and team switching. Don’t throw this one away!
  2. Sure. I just need to understand it a little better.
  3. Too complicated for me…too much thinking? Too many facets to the game? Some people would probably love it though.
  4. Good chance that I would enjoy playing the game again.
  5. It was fun for a while, but i feel like no one ever switched teams.
  6. i didnt really dig the stopping of throwing to pick up the pieces, but thats impossible to escape. other wise it was pretty and caused me to attempt to make vegetable-related puns, but that didnt work so well
  7. Cool game, the idea of having owners and independent farmers looking out for themselves makes it really interesting, and almost like a real life rts