Comments on It’s Better to Give than to Receive (Navin)

Comments on Originality

  1. hot potato derivative
  2. Hot potato
  3. Hot potato with winnie the pooh style?

Comments on functional elements

  1. found stuffed animals - meh
  2. Game pieces worked, but were simply objects to toss.
  3. The only pieces were the objects getting tossed around so they did a fantastic job!
  4. maybe the bears could be replaced with boxes or presents.

Comments on Complexity

  1. no complexity to be found
  2. I didn’t see much possibility for strategic prowess within this game, except maybe holding on to the objects the right amount of time in order to make sure someone else would lose…

Comments on Intuitiveness/complexity ratio

  1. seemed confusing for no reason - left or  right? circle or row ?
  2. Simple game but it was still somehow very confusing.
  3. The game play was intuitive enough in relation to its complexity. It seemed like there weren’t enough rules though to cover all aspects of the game.

Comments on the Rules

  1. slightly obfuscated
  2. Passing to the left only really served no purpose that I could see.
  3. Not enough maybe? Certain things weren’t addressed like how hard could one toss the objects, when were they supposed to be thrown to the right or left, what the exact ‘asking questions’ process entailed…etc.

Comments on the Visual Design

  1. not applicable - found bears
  2. There really weren’t any visually designed elements, although a game such as this doesn’t really need much more than a ball.
  3. It visually interesting because we got to stand in two lines and look at each other the while time.

Comments on the adaptation of the proverb

  1. too simple of an adaptation
  2. More of a literal adaptation than a truly deep representation.
  3. I could see how the game fit the proverb, but not entirely. I wanted more of a reward system and risk factor within this game.
  4. really good adaptation of the proverb i guess, but just did not make for a very exciting game

General Comments

  1. got boring real fast
  2. Hmmm…. no comment.
  3. rules are not very clear and easily to be broken. The team structure is vague. Would it be better to have one doll rather than 2 dolls that confuse the throwing?
  4. You possibly could have taken the basic hot potato format but built upon it to create depth.
  5. I didn’t fully understand it! Even while or after playing it..
  6. I think that this game was too easy and something that you would do when youre bored.
  7. Too derivative of “hot potato,” and the mechanic of asking trivia seemed tacked-on