Comments for Life is like a Bitter Sweet Bag of Chocolates (Eddo)

Comments on Originality

  1. The making-the-rules-on-the-fly part was pretty cool and definitely hadn’t been done up to that point…I wanted to do that too but didn’t think it’s be such a good idea.
  2. saw a game made up on the fly…awsome.
  3. original

Comments on functional elements

  1. I’d never seen pieces of chocolate slide so gracefully before…these game bits had clearly been thoroughly planned and designed!
  2. who doesnt like chocolate?
  3. functionally delicious

Comments on Complexity

  1. It was all based on dexterity and skill to see who could slide the pieces most accurately…but still a lot of fun!
  2. Skill required, no strategy

Comments on Intuitiveness/complexity ratio

  1. The game made perfect sense…even as the rules were invented right there in front of us! Simplicity of rules matched simplicity of game/fun.
  2. easy to play/understand

Comments on the Rules

  1. Easy to learn…probably could be evolved into some crazy multi-step drinking game but for the time and materials we had available it was just grand.
  2. rules were clear

Comments on the Visual Design

  1. Chocolate wrappers were a bit confusing…
  2. n/a

Comments on the adaptation of the proverb

  1. WHAT PROVERB?!! i don’t even remember this part of the game. How about: ”Don’t judge a milk chocolate piece by its aluminum wrapping.”
  2. I dont think this is really based off of a proverb.
  3. works with the proverb

General Comments

  1. Depends if I’m in the mood for cavities and stomach pains or not!!
  2. It was a lot of fun…especially winning and making one person eat 7 chocolates at a time.
  3. What if someone’s on a diet?!