All That Glitters: a Game of Deception


Based on the proverb, “all that glitters is not gold.” The proverb warns against being fooled by things which may appear glamous/great/true but in fact is not authentic.

This game allows for the players to lie, perform, convince as well as to expose liars.

How to play:

Split into the following teams/individuals:

3-5 people in one group

1 performer

1 performer

1 performer

Each performer is playing against each other while the group facilitates the game. The group will guess who is lying while the individuals are trying to fool the group through performances.

Each performer is given one ring of cards numbered 1-8 (which represent rounds). Each round features three cards between the three performers but only one of them has a photo. The performer on his/her turn is to describe the person pictured. If the performer has no picture on the card, he/she is to lie and try to convince the group that that a picture of a man or woman is there. For example, you can lie by saying something like, “the woman in the picture is very fat. She’s wearing a pink shirt and she has curly hair. There’s a Walmart in the background”

By the end of the turn, the group must decide collectively who is the person telling the truth. The group may ask questions such as, “imitate the person’s expression or pose,” “describe the hairstyle in detail,” etc. The player who is selected gets one point (regardless it was truth or not was told). The performer who has the photo then reveals the truth.

Goal: The object of the game is to convince the group through truth or lie to pick him/her.

To win: The performer with the most points by the end of eight rounds wins. The game can also be played successfully without using any point system. No winner is established but the game still has purpose.

To randomize subsequent rounds: There are many portraits to pick from to randomize the photos in the ring card. One of the performers can do this before a new game. The tape on the back of the photos are removable.



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    Posted February 4, 2009 at 11:11 pm | Permalink

    The other day I came across this proverb: “A lie well stuck to is as good as the truth” I wonder if it may also be a good fit for your game

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    Hmmm… good point. Thanks!

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    really nice drawing, she’s creepy