Gaza warfare games article

Article on war games in relation to the recent warfare in Gaza

interesting lil game

How do I find out if my game is good? HERE’S HOW!

- Balance: luck & skill (1-5)
- Bonus, pizzaz, color, pyrotechnics, sparklies
- Space for personal expression (1-5)
- Replayability (1-5), Exciting
- How well crafted is the game?
o Physical design of game bits
o Functional design
- How well designed is the game visually?
o Visual design (aesthetics)
- Satisfying level of difficulty? (1-5)
- Balance – game complexity / rule complexity
- How [...]

Image posting tutorial

If you want to put an image on the front page you need to add it to the thumbnail field:

If you want to make images that pop up in a light box like these pictures choose a small or medium image from the images sizes and choose “file url” from the link url field:

King of Kong 2 Trailer

IEEE article in “Computer” RE game gender/ age data

Heres a link to a and article from September 2008 Issue of IEEE Computer Society’s “Computer”  magazine.
It contains some interesting data on gender and age upodated for 2008
“The electronic gamer’s average
age has crept up to 35 years, with
women now constituting 40 percent
of this traditionally male-dominated
demographic. Surprisingly, more
adult women now play games than
do boys aged 17 [...]

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