Instructor: Peter Cho, TAs: Tyler Adams, Sue Huang

Week 1
Mon Jan 9
Review Syllabus
Presentation: Dynamic websites
Class Resources: HTML CSS JavaScript
Assign PS 1: Introduction
Wed Jan 11
Critique PS 1
Guest Lecture: Brian House, Yellow Arrow
Assign PS 2: Interface
Workshop: Flash 1
Work in class
Week 2
Mon Jan 16
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
Wed Jan 18
Presentation: Animated interfaces
Workshop: Flash 2
Work in class
Week 3
Mon Jan 23
Critique PS 2
Workshop: Intro to PHP, Forms
Reference: Niederst, Ch 15: Forms
Assign PS 3: PHP + Forms
Resources: PHP01 PHP02 PHP Examples
Wed Jan 25
Research presentations 1
Workshop: Processing Variables with PHP
Resources: PHP03 PHP Examples 2
Work in class
Week 4
Mon Jan 30
Critique PS 3
Workshop: PHP + MySQL
Resources: PHP04/MySQL MySQL Example
Assign PS 4: Data Visualization
Wed Feb 1
Research presentations 2
Workshop: SQL
Resources: PHP05/MySQL PHP06/MySQL Installing PHP/MySQL locally
Lab + individual discussions
Week 5
Mon Feb 6
Critique PS 4
Assign PS 5: Style + Design Exploration
Discussion: Design exploration
Wed Feb 8
Research presentations 3
Group presentations
Interesting interfaces
Week 6
Mon Feb 13
Critique PS 5
Assign PS 6: Information Architecture
Presentation: Information Architecture
Discussion: Flash vs PHP (and other tools)
Wed Feb 15
Lab + individual critique
Work in class
Week 7
Mon Feb 20
Presidents’ Day Holiday
Wed Feb 22
Critique PS 6
Assign PS 7: Design Variations
Work in class
Week 8
Mon Feb 27
Critique PS 7
Assign PS 8: Refinement
Work in class
Wed Mar 1
Lab + individual critique
Work in class
Week 9
Mon Mar 6
Critique PS 8
Assign PS 9: Final Implementation
Work in class
Wed Mar 8
Small group discussions
Work in class
Week 10
Mon Mar 13
Lab + individual critique
Work in class
Wed Mar 15
PS 9 due