class description

This class will be focused on helping you create a professional web and print portfolio.
In addition to developing a personal style for the presentation, we will think about your goal in life after you finish your studies and how you may put forward your philosophy with the work you present to help you move ahead.


Each week, a different assignment will be given, following in-class critique of the prior week's work; the accumulated assignments will become the student's web-based and print portfolio.
Assignments not turned in on time will be marked down 1/2 grade (for example: A- to B+).

FINAL: 50%
Final assignment is a completed and edited portfolio that consists of all assignments.

This class will be structured to accommodate the creative process of students. Scheduled class time is meant to provide the space for critique, help with technical problems and hand in assignments. This time will be an opportunity to have a one on one discussion of the projects in progress.
Midterm and final critiques are not to be missed without a formal reason (doctor's note, family emergency, etc.) or the student's grade will be lowered 1/2 step.


week 1 m 1/12 Class introduction;
assignment 1: go through your past work and select projects you consider including in your final portfolio. Bring to class 3 "hall of fame" and 3 "hall of shame" portfolio websites. Due wednesday 14th.
w 1/14 Review and critique of past projects and websites;
assignment 2: portfolio proposal which includes the following:
a) determine target audience
b) initial strategy for distribution
c) determine your "look": color, form, logo.
Deliveries: a) and b) in writing, c) 3 variations as illustrator or photoshop files. Due: wed 21st.

week 2

m 1/19 Martin Luther King Day
w 1/21 Presentation of portfolio proposals. Prepare to talk for no more than 10 minutes.
week 3 m 1/26 Field trip: NANO exhibition at LACMA
w 1/28 Further discussion and development of portfolio proposals/concepts.
week 4 m 2/2 First prototype of portfolio due and critique.
w 2/4 Presentation to guest reviewers: Rebeca Mendez and Willem Henri Lucas
week 5 m 2/9 Critique of final portfolio prototype.
w 2/11 MIDTERM: submission of final portfolio prototype.
week 6 m 2/16 Presidents' Day
w 2/18 Portfolio development: lab work and individual reviews.
week 7 m 2/23 Lab
w 2/25 Lab
week 8 m 3/1 Lab
w 3/3 Lab
week 9 m 3/8 Lab
w 3/10 Last development presentation.
week 10 m 3/15 Lab work and individual reviews.
w 3/17 FINAL: complete and structured presentation of portfolio.