161B :: Dynamic Web

“Dynamic Web” explores creative production through networked multimedia environments, focusing on the World-Wide-Web. It is intended as a follow up to the beginning Introduction to Creative use of the Internet class, and is required for the advanced class. This studio course combines creative exploration, active learning techniques and in-class dialog in response to particular concepts and issues. Students view and critique work of media artists and designers using digital technologies on the Internet. Equally important is the discussion of issues related to mediation/remediation, the phenomenology of interactivity, experience design, interface theory, usability, theories of representation and production, and virtual and mixed realities. Hands on instruction introduces students to the basic technologies enabling Web-based production of 2D online spaces. Students will do self-directed research and development on those technologies they find most useful for their project development. Emphasis is placed on creative content, experimentation and independent thinking. An example of how transdisciplinary creative practice is incorporated in this studio course are the “organic-electronic devices” resulting from the fusion of essential features from one or more biological life forms and a web-based or wireless electronic device that are designed by students in the course.



Ruth West
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