Silvia Rigon at the EDA

Tuesday, January 14th, 2pm, EDA
Silvia Rigon: Global networked trend setting in the fashion industry

Silvia Rigon is a visual artist, based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Italy, she studied painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Venice before earning her masters degree in Design | Media Arts at UCLA. Her work has been exhibited internationally. She combines her traditional education and love for painting with a continuous exploration of new media and design processes. She has worked on installations, performances, and interactive art while working as a graphic designer, children’s book illustrator and textile designer.

Her work as an artist often refers to the notion of monstrosity, especially as manifested in historical iconography and myths, as a paradoxical way of unveiling the ambivalence underling our subjective perception of the time in which we live. Her recent interactive installation “Venus Villosa” is inspired by the myth of the “Beauty and the Beast.” She is currently working on an interactive CD-rom “The Many Voices of Saint Caterina of Pedemonte” produced in collaboration with the writer Alison Walker.

Her contribution to the class was a presentation about the global networked trend setting in the fashion industry and the creation of the ever-mutating fashion persona as a way of communicating and creating the constant flux of fashion products. The presentation also disclosed the construction of gender identity in children’s market as a way of manipulatively creating identifiable groups of targeted consumer subjects.