1. Threads – Kristen Gilette
Threads is a new kind of fashion: it’s about style with a purpose. Form fitting function. Clothing that helps you create. Threads incorporates the newest nanotechnology into its clothing in order to allow the wearer to mix and scratch music while dancing. Be a DJ. Be a dancer. Be creative. Threads clothing makes all of this possible.

2. MADE OUT – Blaire Alfonso
Temperature Control Clothing that helps keep the body temperature stable in unfavorable conditions. The clothing bands respond to the body's internal temperature to cool or warm the body. This technology gets rid of unwanted shivers and sweat whether it be from climate conditions or from social encounters.

3. Antioca Pranteddu - Camilla Zecchetto
Antioca Pranteddu's new line utilizes an amazing technology based on the concept of kinesio taping to promote good posture. Using nanotechnology and the properties of the kinesio tape, the line features clothing that facilitates the contraction of the back muscles that allow for healthy posture. Now every woman can show off her most elegant, most confident side.

4. Volta – Alissa Teige
Volta fuses fashion and technology to create clothing and accessories which utilize photovoltaic technology, in the form of flexible and durable solar cells, to enable individuals to charge small portable devices, like cell phones, PDA's and mp3 players with solar energy. You will see Volta produce this technology in skirts, jackets, bags, briefcases, and more. Charge your life with the power of Volta!

5. twelveSTAR - Christina Woog
A line of clothing for all occasions where each garment compliments each individual through a pairing of the old philosophies of Astrology and Aromatherapy with technologically advanced, scent-releasing fabrics. A combination of color and scent is used to appropriately compliment each unique personality.

6. Sway - Catherine Chen
A new flow in fashion. Imagine becoming your own designer; being able to change the style of your clothes to suite the day, or simply sooth your mood. With Sway, you can achieve various looks by stretching the fabric, or shortening it by using our specialize spray that will shrink the fabric and form it. Now you can wear your favorite shirt any day, any time, and any way.

8. LINE61 – Chris Cuseo
The Importance Of Safety. This Day and Age you can never be to careful. In light of terrorist attacks, and the threat of war, people can not be to careful when it comes to protecting themselves. LINE61 is dedicated to developing and producing high end suits that offer protection from life threatening situations.

7. velcu – Anna Choe, Matilda Kang, Paul Kim
It's not about looking good. It's about war. Utilizing the latest in nanotechnology, peace vibes are sent out through special camoflauge print. While working to promote peace we can be versatile and customize what we wear on minute to minute basis. Just "velcu" it on and off. We don't want to hide. We want to be seen.

9. Retractable headset – Do-In Chung

The headset is attached to the cell phone and able to retract in and out for easy and quick use. Now you don't have to look for your headset or carry it around. All you have to do is pull. The headset is created from airwave technology, which blocks 98% of the radiation going to your head. The headset is no longer a nuisance, but convenient and safe to use.

10. flat plastic – Grant Knapp
Recycled records transformed into clothing.

11. LKB – Laura Brown
LKB Sculptural Clothing realizes the fantasy of being able to mold your clothing to your body with the touch of a hand. Using cloth that is able to adjust its texture to suit your needs, you can create form-fitting basics or exotic wearable sculptures.

12. Fashion & Technology – Class Website

Course Outline, Guest Speakers and Student Project Presentations.

13. IO Clothing - Megan Hutchison

Cyber-Gothic mating ritual clothing with integrated magnetic technology. This causes a forced interaction not only with other people but also with one’s surroundings, bringing into question what it is to interact with others on a subconscious level.

14. [émé] – Kyoko Ito, Dominick Chen
The name [émé] derives from the French verb “aimer” meaning “to like”, and its initial stand respectively for “ecology – media – exchange”. This project is a proposition of alternatives within everyday fashion to the high-paced consuming society facing many environmental issues and literalism in fashion lead by corporate marketings. By incorporating the flexible e-paper modules into our clothes, [émé] allows you to communicate/exchange visually, thus freely.

15. Urban disguise – Sabrina Krewin

While cities have their own charms, nature has created the ultimate playground-the great outdoors. Urban disguise is an organic style that celebrates balance between oppiden environments and nature with a durable collection that links together routine and adventure. Designs are inspired by wycianaki, a traditional Polish folk art; while responsibility to the environment determines the materials. The two featured lamps incorporate innovative applications for solar cells and biofuels, (which can be used to produce electricity, transportation power, heat and steam) to reduce the use of conventional nonrenewable sources.

16. Nafiel: "ordinary to extra-ordinary" - Jackie Abellada
By using only materials easily found in the home and in nature, I tried to create beautiful
pieces of clothing ... everyday materials like silk rose petals and toilet paper rolls ... met the
future with temperature sensors that will cause the materials to change depending on the
outside climate.

17. Mie – Cheri Messerli
An innovative line integrating unconventional materials (fiberglass, paper, tree branches, etc...) with new forms to create playful yet elegant designs. The fiberglass/paper dress featured uses tree branches to create drawings on itself according to the movement of the wearer.

18. anolis – Aaron Proctor, Joshua To
Chameleon clothing for busy men and women, woven with nano-tech digital fibers, allowing for exchange and creation of textile design.

19. Elf - Bonnie Begusch
Get barefoot and return to the forest with 'Elf' - an ecologically conscious line of clothing that celebrates the dirty, the handmade, and the recycled. 'Elf' encourages an active dialogue with nature through the use of newly developed Biofabrics made with both post-industrial waste products and polylactic acid- a 100% biodegradable, water-resistant bioplastic resin derived from fermented plant sugars.

20. masai 001 - Chad G. Bell

I don’t design trends, I design lifestyles.