Real Stream: Alex Lightman at the EDA

Tuesday, February 18th, 2pm, EDA
Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman is the author of the first book on 4G wireless, Brave New Unwired World: The Digital Big Bang and the Infinite Internet, published by John Wiley in 2002, and the CEO of Charmed Technology, which makes wearable computers and achieved world-wide acclaim for producing 100 wearable technology fashion shows in 20 countries. He is the founding director of The 4G Society and the first Cal-(IT)2 Scholar at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, a joint program of UCSD and UCI. Lightman has nearly 20 years of high technology management experience and, in addition, has experience in politics (including work for a US Senator), construction, consulting, the oil drilling industry, the renewable energy industry. He also created, managed and received accreditation for the Nizhoni Institute, a small school and college, and produced the 100 Brave New Unwired World fashion shows featuring wearable and pervasive computing, which included many of Lightman’s own inventions and designs, such as the patented Charmed Viewer display and the first Internet jewelry. Both the show and the designs are now widely copied.