Sunday, April 22, 2007


In the create post box, you will see the following code automatically inside the text field.

INSERT INTRO!!! [span class="fullpost"] INSERT BODY!!! [/span]

Put the first couple sentences or an image where it says "INSERT INTRO!!!" and the rest of your text where it says "INSERT BODY!!!". This will ensure that your full post will exist on its own page and will make surfing the main page easier.



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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Blogging Instructions

Each week by Sunday at midnight each student must post a 500-800 word blog entry. Reflect on the questions raised in Prof. Vesna's lecture, guest lectures, and readings. Connect these concepts to self-directed research. Provide one link for each post to something you've discovered. Examples are news articles about scientific, artistic, political events etc. that relates to class topics. Images are optional but enjoyable for everyone.

Use the "Create New Post" button in your "dashboard" once you've logged in. Use the buttons above the text box to add photos, links, and text formatting.

When Posting Always...

Label your post with your section in this format (without quotes): "Section 1"
This allows your TA to find your blog posts.

Email myself or your TA if you have technical issues.

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