Sunday, May 13, 2007

Week 6 RoboEscher

I googled (yes, googled is a verb) "art and technology" on image search and there was a very intersting photo that caught my eye. It was a drawing by Escher, but something was off. The image had been tampered with and an adjustment had been made to the picture. It appeared to be Escher's drawing titled "crystal ball" i believe, a reflection of himself holding a crystal ball but when i enlarged the photo i quickly realized that instead of Escher holding the ball, it was a robot.
I was intrigued by this. I was somewhat lost in what it was that Escher exactly had to do with the area of art technology. I didn't necesarrily make the distinguishment of his role in this area.
I recently began to understand the mathematical form to his art work. And that given the time that he was creating his art, the technological advances(ie stelarc) that we have today werent available.
That is why I found this picture so interesting. The concept of having a robot be the main focus of the piece takes the classical ideas of Eschers work and gives it a modern twist. After writing my midterm on stelarc I have had plenty of time to think over the connections they have with the rest of the art/science community.
Stelarc uses the human body very differently than any other artist i have ever seen. They use the body as a foundation in which to build upon rather than the main piece of art itself. The picture that I found establishes a connection between robotics and the ways of persepctive in which Escher was focused on. Through time, the human body will no longer be in the main focus, but the idea of incorporating technology into our art will become more prevelant. Replacing Escher with a robot makes a very strong statement about the development of art. We are slowly but surely replacing work that has usually been done through human labor with robotics.
It won't be long till the work being done by stelarc won't seem so far out and twisted. We will adapt to the ways of robotics and biotechnology.



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