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This course will introduce students to the World Wide Web as a medium. Originating from efforts to create a standardized information-retrieval system, the WWW developed into a broadcast media, a shopping mall, a communication platform, and an environment for personal expression. Although this class offers a wide range of workshops dealing with web technologies, it focuses on conceptual and aesthetic aspects of designing for the web. Creative projects and exercises will be developed throughout the course, by utilizing the various skills acquired in class in the service of perception and communication.

Web technologies are constantly and rapidly changing. By focusing on the concepts behind those technologies, the acquired skills working with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Flash will be transferable to future contexts. The course wishes to develop the vocabulary necessary to speak to developers, to present and discuss Web projects, and to pursue individual research. Through the quarter students will have the opportunity to complete a series of exercises, analyze and discuss Web projects, and present a research report.


Use a text editor to complete all exercises and projects. The structure of the HTML code will be a part of the evaluation. All work must work as designed in Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer and must use valid XHTML. Remember, these are both design and technical exercises and projects will be evaluated based on their originality, aesthetic and conceptual qualities.

All exercises must be completed in order to pass the course. Late assignments will reduce the assignment’s grade by approximately one unit each day (exercises lose 1 point each day, projects lose 2). Exercises are only considered as complete when they are accessible from the course website. There will be a sign-up sheet for each lab class meeting; it is the students’ responsibility to sign up to this list. More than two absences without the instructors’ permission (medical certificate might be requested), before the class meetings, will decrease the overall grade by one letter grade for each additional missed class. Three times running late will be considered as one unexcused absence.


48 Points:
Exercises (6 each)
45 Points:
Projects (15 each)
10 Points:
10 Points:
Participation and Attendance
5 Points:
Online Website Discussions

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