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Parameterized Form + Macro/Micro

Write a program defining a system which generates near infinite variations on a core form. This exercise flows from the ideas presented in Karl Gerstner's Designing Programmes. Focus on a strong Macro composition with details at the micro level. The difference between macro and micro in relation to composition is defined well by Willi Kunz:

explicit and obvious
overall format, basic structure

subtle, sophisticated
perhaps only subconsciously perceptible
demands deeper study to be fully appreciated
details and compositional complexities


These forms are generated through software by a network of nodes that repeat, transform, rotate, overlap, and scale. A "chamfer box" primitive is drawn on top of each node, and the bevel for the chamfer box is controlled as well. A UI was written for user interaction, allowing the user to pick the next interesting set of forms to be built on top of the current forms. This causes a chain reaction of growth, as the new forms are built slightly smaller than the parent forms, allowing intersections and the micro forms to emerge.

The forms are then exported into Maya. No hand modeling or manipulation of geometry were performed on the model itself. Shaders, lights, and renderers were chosen to show a bit of variety in representation, as well as the camera angle and lens.



Interface written to create the above forms.



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