A very pretty and feminine "Faux."
A more extreme and unique version of the "Faux." This person even incorporated a little swoop. Bravo!
Amazing faux hawk! The longer lengths on the side is very unique!
Similar to an actual mohawk, but if you look closely, you can see that the hawk portion is extremely wide and simply styled to appear mohawkish. This is a very masterful faux!
Perhaps the closest cut you can get to a mohawk while having a faux hawk. The bleach makes it so much more unique, too!
He has the unique bleach as well!
A moderate faux hawk for those who may be less comfortable with being unique.
A very nice "faux" with some unique red tips and even some forehead coverage! A+!

"The Faux Hawk" is exactly like a mohawk, except that it is different. It is unique and much more fashionably chic than a Mr. T hairdo. No need to shave 90% of your hair except for a thin strip down the middle. The "Faux" can give the illusion of a mohawk without actually having one. Now that's unique!

The "Faux" is the only unique hairstyle that doesn't feature the unique "Classic Swoop." So for most unique people who are used to having their foreheads covered, be prepared for this bold change. If you are used to being unique and MUST have a swoop to cover yourself, I suggest "The Half and Half" as a unique transition hairstyle to accustom yourself to this change.

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