"The Half & Half" simply "halfs" it all (I crack myself up!). One part swoop and one part faux hawk equals the most unique hairstyle to ever grace a unique person's head. It's the opposite of a mullet; long in the front, and short in the back. Another difference between the "business in front and party in back" hairstyle and the "Half" is that it's simply "unique in the front and unique in the back as well."

The "Half" could be a good transition hairstyle for those who want to try "The Faux Hawk" but are not ready for the drastic change. This style allows for a more unique and spunky back, while maintaining the protective swoop in the front. What more can you ask for? Nothing, really.

Click on the pictures to see what a unique look you can "half" for yourself (I'm so funny it's not even funny).


A perfect example of the half.
A unique, slightly reversed "half." He's so unique he decided to have a mullet!
Beautiful "half." The swoop is mastered wonderfully.
Reverse girl "half"! In other words, unique girl mullet!
"The Striped Bangs" AND "The Half and Half," what can't she do?
Emo glasses add to the uniqueness of the "half."
A "half" with a very long swoop. This takes skill!
Nice spiky back half.
A longer "half."
Nice and funky in the back, while neat and swoopy in the front.