Game Evaluation Game

Please rank each question on a scale of (10% - 100%) in 10% increments (10%, 20%,30%,40%,50%,60%,70%,80%,90%,100%)

- How original was the gameplay? (10% of total score)
- How much complexity did the game choices allow (extended play, room for improvement etc)? (10%)
- How intuitive was the gameplay (easy to learn, understand)? (10%)
- How good were the rules (intuitive, clear, succinct, non-exploitable)? (10%)
- How visually well designed was the game (Including craftsmanship..)? (10%)
- How manageable or well engineered were the interface elements (game bits, tokens, gameboard)? (10%)

- How compelling was the game overall? (Emotionally engaging, fun, likeliness to play again)?

BONUS (+10%/+0%)
- Did the game allow for both strategic and physical (twitch) methods of game play? (YES/NO)

For Assignment 2 (sports game) these parameters must be followed…
1) Design a two player tabletop game, players must be seated to play.
2) Design your own game board and game bits. You may use off the shelf dice. This is a chance to incorporate your game design skills with your visual design skills.
3) Game play should last no more than 10 minutes! (use a TIMER and an EVALUATION METHOD to determine who wins after 10 minutes if a result isn’t achieved)
4) Incorporate randomness in your game.

- Every 2 player rule-learning/gameplay session lasts 12 minutes per game (2 mins for learning/ 10 mins for playing).
- We will play 7 games simultaneously to speed up the play/evaluation process so we can finish in our 3 hours time slot. (140 mins play time [formula: total play time = session time * total sessions / simultaneous sessions] ), (15 mins break), (25 mins overhead + extra time to reconsider your evaluations after all games are played)
- Students + TA + Prof fill out an anonymous evaluation form for each game
- We will be grading our own games (?)
- All the form scores are first tallied independently
- TA/ Prof final scores are averaged
- each student form is compared with a (+/-20%) Standard Deviation vs. the TA/Prof average score  - Deviating scores are rejected (anything that is >/< 20%)
- all Scores are averaged and logged
- Highest score is used as a normalization index
- final scores are normalized

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