Playtesting Traffic games

Playtesting Pacman Games

breakout pinball

instructables found here:
the game needs:
button installation
LED wiring and installation
Arduino program to instruct the gameplay

Final Documentation

Here’s a link to my instructable for my final project. It also has a video of my game working.

bright light blinking memory game thing

Because there are so many ‘parts’ to my game, each phase of the development is divided into separate sections for each component. Feel free to start where you like….
I. Led Boxes
1. Construct two 2′ x 2′ boxes
2. Outline diagonally three 6″ x 6″ boxes
3. Find the center of each box and drill a hole

4. Solder [...]

Awesome Moving Gears Controlled by Awesome Buttons (to be continued)

Instructables link:

Two-player Pinball


Final game instructable

Hopefully the link works! Happy break!
157A Final Project- 2 Player Soccer/Hockey/Pinball/??? Game - More DIY How To Projects

Teetering Maze Game Instructable

Teetering Maze Game Instructable


My Instructables

Disc spinning - Not complete!

DEFINITELY plan on finishing this game up after break. too much invested not too. Until then, I have an incomplete game. I put in as much time as I possibly could and still ended up short. Frustrating, but I can see the future completed project coming together, and I am excited for that. It was great [...]

final project write up.

multitouch pinball instrument

WEEKEND HOURS FINAL!!!! (changed saturday)

Saturday will be from 11:20 am to at least 3 pm and then maybe from 6 to 10 if people want. Possibly longer if I can find someone to take my shift afterwards.
Sunday will be from 9am to 5pm and longer if people need it.
I’m not suppose to be doing more than 8 hours a [...]

Bring Checks on Wednesdays for your Arduinos!

Frank has only been paid back by very few students so far
It is very impostant that you bring your checkbooks tomorrow, Wednesday and pay for your chips and boards

Last two weeks - lab hours

WK 10
Thursday 12/4 8am-10pm
Friday 12/5 8am-6pm
Saturday 12/6  9am-3pm
Sunday 12/7  9am - 3pm+ (maybe open later)
WK 11
Monday 12/8* 10am-10pm , 1:30-3:00 PM EDDO
Tuesday 12/9 2:00pm-  6:00pm DAVID
Wednesday 12/10* 10am-10pm , Our final time presentations are 2:00-:500
Thursday 12/11 NONE
Friday 12/12** NONE
*subject to monitor availability
** end of quarter cleaning; all projects removed by 12/12