Week 01

Mon. Oct. 3
Assign Research Reports Topics
Assign Reading 01, Curt Cloninger: Understanding the Web as Media. (due Wed. Oct. 5)
HTML 1 workshop (pdf / HTML Examples)
- HTML and XML
- Tags (container, standalone)
- Code structure
- Server and upload
- Browsers, differences, statistics
- Text formatting
- Hyperlinks
- Tables
- Colors
- Fonts
Assign Exercise 1

Wed. Oct. 5
Discussion of Reading
HTML 2 workshop (pdf / HTML Examples)
- jpg and gif image format and compression
- layout
- placing images
- frames, iframes
Individual Discussion Ideas for Exercise 1

Week 02

Mon. Oct. 10
Student Web Presentation: Troy
Lab + Individual Critique

Wed. Oct. 12
Student Web Presentation: Shao
Critique Exercise 1
Assign Project 1

Week 03

Mon. Oct. 17
Student Web Presentation: Tina
Javascript Presentation (pdf / Javascript Examples)
- Open New Window(s)
- Swap Image
- Table Rollover
- Random Image
- Jump Menu
- Change Text (without reload)
- Browser Detection

Wed. Oct. 19
Student Web Presentation: Leslie
Lab + Individual Critique

Week 04

Mon. Oct. 24
‘ Critique Project 1
Assign Exercise 2

Wed. Oct. 26
Student Web Presentation: Joshua
Flash 1 workshop: (pdf)
- Environment - buttons (normal, layered, animated)
- movie clips - import - publishing

Week 05

Mon. Oct. 31
Student Web Presentation: Olivia
Flash as Animation Tool:
- Presstube
- Francis Lam: Nude Messenger
- J. Otto Seibold: Alice in Wonderland
- Strindberg + Helium: At Home With the Kids, Absinthe
- Sohu.com: StickMatrix
- Jared Tarbell: Levitated.net
Flash and Customized Interfaces:
- Yugo Nakamura: yugop.com
- Dan Albritton, Marcos Weskamp: Newsmap
- Robert Hodgin: Flight 404
- Sinplex
Flash 2 workshop (Flash Examples)
- controlling nested movie clips
- basic ActionScript
Lab + Individual Critique
Research Reports: Tina: RSS

Wed. Nov. 2
Student Web Presentation: Evelina
Critique Exercise 2
Assign Project 2

Week 06

Mon. Nov. 7
Student Web Presentation: Armond
Research Report: Troy: Google Earth
CSS Presentations (Typography / Positioning) (pdf / CSS Examples)
CSS References:
CSS Zen Garden
Dynamic Deezign

Wed. Nov. 9
Student Web Presentation: Tony
Lab + Individual Critique
Research Reports: Shao: Advertising on the Web. Joshua: Streaming Media. (Debby: Health Effects of Wireless Technologies)

Week 07

Mon. Nov. 14
Student Web Presentation: Seth
Critique Project 2
Read: Interview with Curt Cloninger
(your online response about the reading due by Sun. Nov 20 at 9pm)
Assign Final Project

Wed. Nov. 16
Student Web Presentation: Agnes
Research Reports: Saito: Search Engines. Daniel: Virus
Lab + Individual Critique

Week 08

Mon. Nov. 21
Student Web Presentation: Roxane
Lab + Individual Critique
Discussion Reading
Research Reports: Tony: MMOGs. Evelina: Spam. Agnes: Mouse

Wed. Nov. 23
Student Web Presentation: Omar
Research Reports: Roxane: Wikipedia. Olivia: CMS
Lab + Individual Critique

Week 09

Mon. Nov. 28
Student Web Presentation: Saito
Presentation Work in Progress Final Project
Lab + Individual Critique

Wed. Nov. 30
Student Web Presentation: Debby
Lab + Individual Critique
Research Report: Seth: Creative Commons.

Week 10

Mon. Dec. 5
Student Web Presentation: Daniel
Research Reports: Armond: Movable Type. Omar: Bittorrent
Lab + Individual Critique

Wed. Dec. 7
Final Presentations