This is my final project

For my final project I have cultivated many ideas: current events, historical events and yes even those topics that I hold dear to my heart. And as you would have/could have/should have guessed, I chose to focus on the a particular topic that I find to be very important in my life.

Now that I have fluffed up the opening of this “brief” proposal (I think that it’s kinda long) I am about ready to tell you what my project idea is. Since we are trying to accomplish a site which can be referred to as either a map or a story I chose to go with a topic that is equally just as important in terms of the thought/creation process as it is with the final subject matter. Therefore I will be able to create a website focusing on the theory and conceptual half of the work that I have chosen to spotlight. This will give the viewer an insiders look into how my manifestation was created (I really like how that sounds; although, I’m not sure if it is grammatically correct). If you have not guessed by now (I hope that you have not…) my subject matter is going to be a series of short conceptual videos that I have made (3 videos to be exact).

This is going to be an awesome chance to display my work. Especially because each time I want to show anyone any of my pieces I always feel obligated to explain in great depths- the theory behind the works. The pieces that I am working with are very textural and can be viewed on many different levels but the true purpose can sometimes be overlooked; therefore this opens a great opportunity to explain my work. Secondly, I always wanted for these pieces to be on the internet- so here it goes.