Professor Casey Reas, TA Markus Bonauer


Design for Interactive Media. 157A
Fall 2003
UCLA Design | Media Arts

Professor Casey Reas (office hours M 17:00-18:00 Kinross South 130)
TA Markus Bonauer (office hours TH 12:00-13:00 Kinross South 122)

When and Where

Monday & Wednesday, 14:00-16:50
Kinross South 122, UCLA


Expanding the individual's thinking about interactive media. Emphasis on graphic and information design for interactive media applications. Focus on learning role of conceptual designer as visual communicator. Methodology for working with sofware.


Developing prototyping skill for working with interactive media. Enhancing ability to present and critique. Increasing vocabulary appropriate for discussing interactive work.


Each student will execute a series of exercises, present their work for critique, take part in the critiques, keep a sketchbook of ideas
. There are nine different groups of exercises, each exploring a different aspect of interactive media. Each exercise will be discussed in a critique session. There will be one critique per week. Students are required to present their work and to critique the work of other students. Each person is required to maintain a sketchbook of their ideas. Each exercise should have many sketches created for it before any code is written. Work will be presented at the end of the quarter in a student-planned exhibition. All exercises will be executed in the Processing environment.


Projects will be evaluated on their originality, aesthetic qualities, and conceptual sophistication. Feedback will be primarily qualitative but numeric scores will also be given for each exercise. All exercises must be completed to pass the course. The numeric breakdown follows:

10% Participation (Attendance + Contribution)
10% Sketchbook
60% Exercises A-H
20% Exercise I

If you will not be in class, it is your responsibility to inform the TA. Failure to complete all exercises will result in not passing the course. Students may resubmit their exercises at the end of the course in order to raise their score.

More to come...